The “vaccine” should not be a criterion for summoning players

The "vaccine" should not be a criterion for summoning players

German football legend Lothar Matthews believes that players’ performance on the field is more important than their vaccination status when choosing the German national team.

In statements to the German newspaper “Bild am Sonntag” published on Sunday: “Hanzi Flick should continue to select players based on whether he will need them to achieve the greatest possible sporting success and continue to nominate them to the national team according to the strength of their performance regardless of whether they have been vaccinated. Corona or not.

At the same time, the player with the record number of international matches with the German national team (150 matches) confirmed: “If at any time Hansi Flick reached a decision to limit his selection to only vaccinators, then everyone must respect this, and then the non-attached players will not be able to Playing for the national team.

Mateus, 60, expressed his hope that the incidents of the national team having to return five players due to Corona injuries would not be repeated, noting that the problem “of how to protect ourselves will occupy us over a long period.”

The coach of the German national team, Hansi Flick, had recently announced that he would consider, after the last two matches of the national team this year, whether he would put the vaccination status of the players as a condition for their selection for the national team in the future.

The result of the positive smear for the player Niklas Zule, who was fully vaccinated with Corona, led to his exit from the German national team camp and his entry into a stone, as was the case for the players who were in contact with him, namely Joshua Kimmich, Jamal Musiala, Serge Gnabry and Karimi Ademi, and this came before the match between Germany and Liechtenstein in the qualifiers for the World Cup finals. The world in Qatar 2022.

Kimmish had recently revealed that he had not received the Corona vaccine, and in the wake of that, Flick announced that he hoped the players would take the vaccine.

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